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Fernando Gutierrez – “Huanchaco”


This is a painter I stumbled across on the Internet. I really like his over-the-top style, although it can get a little bit too sensational. It’s also interesting how his work ties cultures together. Oh, and his bright colors are awesome too.

His following of the Superchaco character is really fascinating.  Like a painted sitcom almost.

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John Martin

In my Painters of Modern Life class we came across the British artist John Martin.  Working in the early 1800s, Martin painted scenes of Biblical destruction and divine ass-kicking in general.  His paintings are awesome in all senses of the word, and show that even 200 years ago painters were appealing to the blood thirstiness and sensationalism that Hollywood now capitalizes upon.

I can feel the huge boulders in the upper left corner of The Great Day of His Wrath thundering down that cliff.


And the fire-rain in The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah makes me want to go to church.


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Elephant Painting

This is kind of mind-blowing. Shows that humans arent the only ones with higher intelligence, in my opinion. The elephant is self-realized and understands the idea of representation — an inherent universal language. I would love to get a painting done by an elephant.  Proves that Art is more than man-made.

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Poster Boy

Poster Boy represents an interesting visual counterpart to the mash-up DJs. The spontaneity and increased-illegality of his work give it a different twist, though. Having seen his work, I cant help but like it. Ads are boring, what Poster Boy does isn’t.

Check out this link for the story of the recent arrest of “Poster Boy”

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Andy Warhol 1st Computer Portrait

Sets an interesting precedent for computer art. How futuristic?!?!

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World’s Largest Tag in LA

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Marc Handelman

Tomorrow Art Majors at Vassar will have their work critiqued by New York Artist Marc Handelmann. His work is definitely worth checking out:

His newer stuff is better in my opinion, but you cant deny works like this.

His newer stuff is better in my opinion, but you cant deny works like this.

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