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My Latest Sculpture

So, for my latest sculpture I constructed about a 10 foot tall cylindrical form made of recycled brown fence posts.  I connected multiple lengths of post at slighting angles with screws that were either flush with each other, overlapping, or splayed out.  In a cramped area within the sculpture, viewers could enter.  There, they were faced with the juxtaposition of fence posts in their immediate foreground, and the environment outside peeking in through the cracks in the fence posts.  I anchored the sculpture in the ground with wooden posts outside the popular dining center the Retreat outside the College Center of Vassar College.  I felt the setting presented a sharp dichotomy of the isolated interior of the sculpture, with the traffic of a campus hub visible through the cracks.

Unfortunately, the setting of my sculpture ended up being it’s downfall.  On this most recent ‘Thirsty Thursday’ at Vassar my fence post creation — to which I had dedicated an intense all-nighter too the previous night — was destroyed my an unknown, presumably drunken, force.  Instead of feeling anger, I was mostly shocked to discover my elaborate creation in exploded segments upon my approaching it Friday afternoon.  It was attacked at some point between midnight, when I last saw it, and early morning.  Personally, I was awe-struck to see probably about 40 hours worth of work destroyed in what I presumed took no longer than a minute.  It’s an enlightening experience, the gut-wrenching feeling of disbelief resulting from senseless destruction.  In the end, a piece which I had developed from a concept of imprisonment died was destroyed only a half day after it was constructed.  Although I didnt plan for this end, at all, it ended up informing the work in ways I couldn’t have imagined but don’t necessarily dislike.  Unfortunately, I didnt have a chance to photograph the piece. Later in the year in our sculpture class, we get a chance to rehash and improve upon old ideas, and I wouldn’t doubt this idea makes another appearance.

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