Russell Webner

All original images © Russell Webner 2010 all rights RESERVED

Green Spandex Sculpture

The following are pictures from my second sculpture project.  It’s been very interesting working in three dimensions for the first time this year with my sculpture course, and very  enjoyable as well.  This project challenged students to learn to work with new materials and I opted for a fluorescent green spandex-type fabric.  I made 14 different mini-sculptures using this fabric, wire, painting stretchers and thumb tacks.  Conceptually, I wanted to emphasize the exploration within the piece  as a departure from my own art, but also in the viewer’s experience.  The pieces were hung in a loose circle in the middle of the room from fishing line.  As viewers move around the room, the composition and view of each mini-sculpture changes with their perspective.  It was my goal to have people create their own favorite views of the piece simply by exploring different angles, heights, and even interactive elements (some of the pieces were rotatable) of the work.

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